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Proud Berry Coral Berry

This Proven Winner shrub grows 36-48" tall and wide with rounded blue green  foliage.  In late summer, this shrub produces pink-white  bell-shaped flowers that are followed by  large dark pink berries that intensify with color with the onset of colder weather.  While inedible for people, the berries are attractive to birds in winter. Deer Resistant! A great shrub for late summer color and winter interest!   Photo: Proven Winners

Dream Catcher  Kolkwitzia

An old fashioned stunner brought back by Proven Winners with the Dream Catcher cultivar that grows 6-9' tall and wide with attactive golden foliage that is covered in light pink flowers in spring. This shrub will stand out as it looks like a mound of pink when in full bloom!  Fall color is orange to red, and it is deer resistant as well.  Photo: Proven Winners

Pearl Glam Beautyberry

Three seasons of interest with this Proven Winner shrub!  Pearl Glam foliage emerges dark purple in the spring and is followed by white flowers in late summer that give way to myriad violet-purple shiny berries for late summer-fall interest.  Grows 4-5' tall and 3-4' wide. Photo: Proven Winners

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