Frequently Asked Questions

The information below answers some things commonly asked about Northland Farms.



1) Do you sell to retail customers?
No, as we are a wholesale grower, we cannot sell to retail customers and require that the companies we sell to have a nursery or landscape license.

2) What shipping options are available?
We ship via our own trucking through a truck brokerage but also welcome those who wish to send in their own trucks.  We do not offer shipping to Canada via our own trucks, but will ship to companies there if they send their own trucks.

3) Is there a minimum for pick-up orders?
No, there is no minimum dollar amount or item quantity for pick-up orders

4) What is the minimum for shipping orders?
There is a minimum order of $1,800 dollars for shipped orders.  Plus, we request that shrubs and perennials are ordered in quantities of 5 or more.  There is no minimum quantity for trees.

5) In the Fall, why does it take so long to get a confirmation?
In the Fall we are putting in a large volume of orders, and naturally there will be many items that come up as not available.  In order to provide the most accurate confirmation, we go over each order and see if we can make anything else available.  Our goal is to minimize items being non-available and send the most accurate confirmation.  Of course, we do run out of stock of certain  items eventually.

6) I ordered a specialty item and when my order got shipped that some or all of that item wasn't present-why?
We order a majority of our specialty items (things like B&B trees and topiary) from other nurseries.  Sometimes when our order from them comes in, we are shorted some items, and unfortunately that will often hurt the end consumer who may have placed an order for that item.

7) I am tax-exempt, why was I charged tax on my order?
That happens because we don't have up to date tax info on your company.  Be sure to call the office and request that a tax form be sent to you, so we can update our files.