We continue to look for new varieties of plants to add to our product line.  For the plants added to this year's catalog, check out this list. Branding continues to flourish in the industry, and in addition to our own brand "Great Plants of the Great Lakes", we also carry select varieties of Proven Winners (shrubs and perennials), the Knock Out series, First Editions, and Endless Summer collection. Some of the new items are noted below.

Unique new plants:

Columnar Apple Trees

The apple tree for the city gardener!  These unique cultivars have a columnar form, and are even suitable for container growing given proper witnterization.  Grows only about 2' wide and 10' tall!



Combo Fruit Trees

We now carry combination grafted fruit trees!  These are available in Apple, Asian Pears, Cherry, and Plum.  A great way to utilize limited space and still get a variety of fruit.  Eliminates the need for planting multiple trees for pollination purposes.